Should I prefer QML over plain C++?

  • Hello. I need to redesign my desktop software (like new Reload version) and I'm a bit confused. New GUIs provided by UI/UX designer need animations and opacity/position animations.
    First version of my program uses only QT Designer created forms with QSS for style handling. So, please give me advise, should I prefer QML for animations/transitions/UI, or hardcode it in some way in QT Designer/Sources?
    What are pros and cons using both methods (QML vs C++) to handle animations?

  • QML are very efficient when it comes to update a scene frame after frame to produce a smooth animation. QML has a issue where it must resolve dynamic types or create data-structures to represent property bindings and go through the Qt meta object type system to access any native member.

    Almost all of which C++ performs equivalently at compile time. As long as you create QML's that can be accomplished with asynchronous Loaders or by pre-loading components it shouldn't matter.

  • Is it complicated to rework project from simple C++ + QT Designer designed forms to QML-based GUI? Should I need to use other IDEs/Editors to work with QML?

    Sorry for idiot question, but is QML a QT's implementation of MVC idiom?

  • @b2soft QML is a declarative language which is easier to do animations than Qt Widgets class related with pictures and animations.

    QML has a strong relation with Qt Core classes... but I'm not sure about any relation to MVC... I'll bet there is none.

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  • @b2soft said in Should I prefer QML over plain C++?:

    Is it complicated to rework project from simple C++ + QT Designer designed forms to QML-based GUI?

    Depends. With QML you can't use Qt Widgets but you'll use QtQuick Controls instead. They are quite feature complete but not as full-blown complete as Qt Widgets. If you have a simple GUI already then it will be easy to port it to QML. If you have custom Widgets then you'll have to reimplement them in QML first.

  • @Wieland I use only simple labels/etc stuff stylized using QSS. There are no custom widgets at all.
    Thanks for answers!

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