Drag and drop event->mimeData()->hasImage() return false , when droping image file

  • Hi
    i like to build simple listView that support dropping images . simple.
    this listview is added to to QDialog , when i implement the QDialog dropEvent
    and try to check if the drop image is image . according to example i should first see if the data hasImage
    but the event->mimeData()->hasImage() always returns me false, why ?

  • Where are you dropping the image from?

    If it's from a file manager it could be possible that it's just dropping the URL to the file itself, although the DND has a image thumbnail. Just dump the QMimeData and analyze its contents.

  • How do you drag/drop the image?

    Do you select a file and try to drop that? Then you get an Url and have to check the file.

    Or do you select some image like in word and drop that?

  • For checking what is dumped, you can use the "dropsite example":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/draganddrop-dropsite.html

  • its from file manager , so i guess i need to check if its valid file suffix
    like jpd,png .... or there is more generic way ?

  • That's the way, check the type URL and the check the file type. You could also use a QImage or similar and try loading it :-)

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