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  • I downloaded Qt, and I tried to make a widgets application project, but I face a problem in kit selection there where no valid kits found, so I tried to add kits by manual but I have no idea what should I add or do?
    I know it's a very naive question but please any help would be very appreciated because I really have no idea what should I download or do, thanks.

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    Hi and welcome

    Did you download the visual studio Qt ?
    if Yes, you should also install the actual visual studio from
    microsoft. Its not included. ( its not allowed)

    If you just want to get going and not already planning to use external 3rd party libraries, you can download the mingw version which include all you need. ( Qt + compiler + debugger)

    if you are using, the online installer. make sure only Qt migw is checked and not all the android and vs versions.

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