Resizing QMainWindow and QDialog

  • Hello,
    I would like to know if it is possible to resizing automatically the QMainWindow depending on the Windows' property "resizing and layout" (a sort of zoom) of the desktop..

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    Layouts only resizes widgets inside the window.

    It sounds like you want to resize the actual window but what/how does user do it ?

  • hi,
    i want that the application being adaptive to the resolution and the layout of the available desktop whitout the user's work

  • @Ocram10

    you can get the Screen Resolution with QRect rec = QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry() and at the start up of your program you can set the size of the window that you want. maybe a percentage value.

  • @Fuel ok but if i work with two different screen a primary and a secindary how I can adjust the layout of QMainWindow when I put the application from the primary screen to the secondary. Look the different result in the two different image: 1 in the primary screen and 2 in the secondary I want
    to avoid this effect
    0_1507535243022_Cattura1.PNG 0_1507535256711_Cattura2.PNG

  • @Ocram10

    you mean when you pull the window from the screen to the other screen? i dont think that its possible. maybe if there is an event that get triggered when you switch screens.

  • @Fuel the exemples in pyqt-master do it automatically but i don't understsnd what event or property they use

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