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Strange error when I open a new project

  • Hey all...

    I installed the latest version of QT recently, and now when I open a new project, I have this error displayed in my output:

    DirectWrite: CreateFontFaceFromHDC() failed (Indicates an error in an input file such as a font file.) for QFontDef(Family="MS Sans Serif", pointsize=11.25, pixelsize=16, styleHint=5, weight=62, stretch=100, hintingPreference=0) LOGFONT("MS Sans Serif", lfWidth=0, lfHeight=-16) dpi=96

    I haven't messed with doing anything yet, so I'm not sure if it's effecting anything, but at least wanted to know if it's normal, or if there is anything I need to do to fix it. Thank you!

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