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Qt creator locator case sensitivity?

  • Hey guys. I'm using Qt Creator 4.4.0 based on Qt 5.9.1 and I believe the locator search bar functionality has changed slightly at some point in terms of case sensitivity. Could be a bug, could be me remembering incorrectly, but I'm fairly sure it used to be completely case-insensitive as I use it relentlessly but only recently noticed the weird case sensitivity rules that it seems to operate with.

    If you have a file with mixed uppercase and lowercase letters it will match your search term under the following conditions:

    • search term matches case precisely
    • search term is all lower case

    The file will not match your search term under the following conditions:

    • search term contains any upper case characters (unless all upper case characters are matched precisely). This includes failure when you have correct upper case characters if you missed others.

    The following image shows exactly what I mean:
    alt text

    Bug or feature? Or maybe even a configurable option added in a recent update? :)

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    Bug or feature?

    However you like to name it :) There is [1] explaining a bit more about: "if one capital letter is given, the search is case sensitive". This is not configurable yet.

    I don't know if that has changed somewhere in the past, but I know it will change in 4.5: We've implemented a camel hump matcher [2], so you can search for your file now with "sbv" or "SBV" also (partly or full name still works of course). We are currently fine tuning this feature, and then all your examples should work.


  • Cool thanks for the reply and the links! :) Tis good to know! Looking forward to the update! :D

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