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[SOLVED] focus problem on Ubuntu when using QMessageBoxes

  • It looks like there is a bug when running Qt apps on Ubuntu, I don't know if the bug is on the Qt side or the Ubuntu but I have a feeling that this was not present in past versions of Ubuntu and I do not see this happen on red hat. Im hoping you guys can validate if I am doing something wrong first.

    Here is the situation: I push a button on my ui which is connected to a slot. Inside that slot I open a QMessageBox. If i click on the Ok button everything is fine but if i simply click enter without focusing on the message box first the I cannot edit QLineEdits or QSpinBoxes of that ui until i focus another window then come back to it. Here is the slot's code in my QMainWindow:

    @ void on_pushButton_clicked(){

        QMessageBox clrMsg;
        clrMsg.setText("Are you sure you want to clear the IRIG-B faults?");
        int res=clrMsg.exec();
            // my stuff


    P.S. I am currently using ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This is easilly reproducable, just add this slot to the MainWindow of a new project and add a pushbutton, qlineedit and qspinbox to the mainwindow form. Start the app, click the pushbutton, click enter , try to edit spinboxes or lineedits->res: can't edit them with keyboard unless you alt+tab and back first

  • Does it do the same thing if you add the main window (this) as parent of the message box ?

  • that's a good point. let me try that.

  • [quote author="alexisdm" date="1312852866"]Does it do the same thing if you add the main window (this) as parent of the message box ?

    It worked thanks! I am curious to know why this was not necessary on red hat and also on another ubuntu (10.04 LTS 32 bit vmware using qt4.7 instead of qt4.6)

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