Have no output with LLDB on macOS

  • Hello everyone.

    I installed latest stable Qt release on my macOS Sierra. Now I have problems with console program debugging. There are two things:

    1. LLDB can't work with external terminal. OK, let's uncheck "Run in terminal". Now I can see program output in one of the tabs below. But no more interaction. If there is scanf in source, I can't put in anything. Or maybe I don't know where I should do that?
    2. So, when I uncheck "Run in terminal" and normally run (without debug) the program, I don't see any output in the tab below.

    Accordingly, if I will run the program in terminal, there will be fine with usual output but not with LLDB debugging (because as I have already said it can't work in it).

    Hope for your help.

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