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QML Application Button Click Alignment not proper for touch screen

  • Hi

    I have developed some sample app GUI using QML for embedded linux . However facing one issue related to exact touch location .
    ![alt text](0_1506183839287_screenshot.PNG image url)

    Instead of center of any button click , it works always when touched above it . e.g if i need to invoke 104 , almost i need to touch at area between below play button and above 104. Same issue is observed in almost all button and touch. Same app is working fine in linux with Mouse. clicks

    Code snippet:

    Button {
        id: button2
        x: 120
        y: 150
        z: 3
        width: 80
        height: 40
        text: qsTr("104")
        onClicked: {
           // call here invokable c++ function 

    Any pointers will be helpful .

    PS: I have done the calibration and wayland display is used.


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