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QML TextArea. Get paste event using contextmenu option

  • Hi,

    I have a QML TextArea, and I need to know the text pasted using the 'paste' option in the contexte menu (mouse right button).

    I can check the paste using keys with:

    Keys.onPressed: function(keyEvent) {
        if (keyEvent.matches(StandardKey.Paste)){

    and there I can use QT code:

    QClipboard* pClipboard = qApp->clipboard();
    if (pClipboard)
        QClipboard::Mode eMode = QClipboard::Clipboard;
        const QMimeData* pMimeData = pClipboard->mimeData( eMode );

    to get the text in clipboard, before being pasted.

    How can I do the same using whe mouse 'paste' option?


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