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Universal numeric keypad for the whole application

  • I would like to make a Qt Quick application in QML with multiple windows/tabs concept. Each application window should have more than one TextField and a keypad that supports numerical input only. Until now I have implemeneted my own on-screen keyboard. My window/tab is represented as an Item, whose Elements are TextFields, and a numeric on-screen keypad, which is an Item that contains numeric Buttons. In that case my application consists of multiple TextField - keypad connections. Consequently, I am actually having as many keyboard instances as my application is having TextFields.
    Since this should be possible to avoid, I've started wondering if there is some better approach to build application with described functionalities. Please, let me now if you know what is a good approach to do that. Thank you!

  • Hi. You can adopt QtFreeVirtualKeyboard for your needs.

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