Qt Quick Controls 2 native desktop style on Qt 5.10 and beyond

  • I am gradually migrating the existing project to Qt Quick Controls 2. But When deploy to Windows and other desktop environment, I am depressed because Quick Controls 2 does not provide native look'n'feel style. The themes available does not fit in desktop environment, the fonts are too large.
    I found Qt 5.10 is available. But unfortunately, the newly introduced "Fusion" and "Imagine" style is not that good in my impression. Take a screenshot:
    1_1505459838343_2.png 0_1505459838342_1.png

  • @jiancaiyang The purpose of Controls 2 isn't to provide native look'n'feel but cross-platform look'n'feel(s). It's geared more towards mobile platforms than traditional PC desktop. You should stay in Controls 1 instead if it's important. Why did you want migrate in the first place?

  • @Eeli-K I thought it will be a performance improvement if I moved to Quick Controls 2.

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