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StackView Push Appears To Have A Bug..

  • When you do a stackview.push() the item being pushed never receives an onVisibleChanged signal. None of the controls on the "item" receive the onVisibleChanged signal either.

    When you do a stackview.pop() the item, and all the controls on the item, being popped do receive onVisibleChanged and visible is equal to false..as one would expect.

    So what am I missing?

    Is this the normal, expected operation of the stackview control?

    The push() just does the default stackview slide animation..nothing special.

    Are the onVisibleChanged signals being re-directed or eaten by something in QML on purpose? If so, what and how do I change that behavior?

    From my way of thinking (not always correct), it would seem appropriate to emit a onVisibleChanged signal when the stackview slide animation of some item has completed.

  • @PSI_lbc

    OK..a little digging and reading of the docs (gosh that helps)..

    stackView.push( {item: Qt.resolvedUrl( url ), properties: { objectName: name, visible: false }} );

    If you pass the visible property as "false", at the end of the slide animation, visible is changed to "true" and the onVisibleChanged signal is emitted..as expected.

    You would think "visible: false" should be the default in the "properties" list..

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    Or you could use the StackView.status attached property.

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