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IOS Navigation bar same as Quick Controls 2 Material Header Color

  • Hi Guys
    In Quick Controls 2 Material design for IOS Platform, How can i force IOS navigation bar to be same color as Header color?
    Ios Navigation header Color

  • Hi!

    You can have a look V-Play Engine for mobile apps and games. The V-Play components allow to build apps with a native UI and user experience for both Android and iOS.

    You can have a look at the Component Showcase demo app to see how it looks in action:
    V-Play Showcase iOS

    V-Play apps use a translucent Status Bar by default, so your navigation bar will also show up underneath the status bar. You can change the NavigationBar color with the App Theme:

    import VPlayApps 1.0
    App {
      onInitTheme: {
         Theme.navigationBar.backgroundColor = "green"
      NavigationStack {
        Page {
          // ...


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