[Solved] How to make two QDockWidgets in Tab style with coding

  • Dear all,

    I would like to place two QDockWidgets in same docking place(e.g., Left Docking Area)
    In moveable mode, Drag & Drop on another QDockWidget make two QDockWidgets in "Tab Style"

    I want that style at the start of program and no Dock Movable Mode.
    I would like to do with just coding & not to use UI form.


  • void QMainWindow::tabifyDockWidget(QDockWidget *first, QDockWidget *second)

  • @Duck said:

    void QMainWindow::tabifyDockWidget(QDockWidget *first, QDockWidget *second)

    It is posible to use this in QTdesigner as style (without void)?
    Something like:
    QMainWindow > tabifyDockWidget{(QDockWidget_1 * first, QDockWidget_2* second)}

    ..I hope :p
    (I'm using QT4.8.3 for python)

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