No Issues in my issues tab (QT Creator)

  • Brand new to QT Creator so I apologize in advance. I have setup QT Creator to work with Unreal Engine (probably not important) writing C++ code. It it all configured except I don't see any errors in my issues tab. If I intentionally write malformed code then I will get a "red bar" by the line number but I don't get any information in the issues tab. I would expect that to populate with a description of the error and maybe some suggestions.

    I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and I am using QT Creator 4.0.2.

    I am sure that I am being an idiot and I misconfigured something but any help would be much appreciated.

  • Also, as a follow up. I found a bug with a similar issue. (

    Unfortunately I am using using Cmake 3.5.1. and this bug doesn't seem to apply to my environment?

    cmake -version
    cmake version 3.5.1

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    Hi , could you try a much newer cmake to see if it makes a difference?
    Its mentioned "at least version 3.5 for Qt Creator 4.2"

    But are you using older Creator ?
    4.0.2 ?

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    @mornindew: do you see the compile errors in the "compile output" tab? and are they black or red there?

  • @mrjj Thank you very much. I am actually using the most recent version that I can download.

    I think that the Linux version is odd, is is actually 4.0.2 "based on 5.7.0" (whatever the hell that means).

    0_1505077880927_Screenshot from 2017-09-10 15-09-47.png

  • @aha_1980 - Thank you very much. When I put in some bad code then the build will fail and it will show up at the compile output tab when I manually build.

    Once I fix the issue then I can even build it and "make" it. It allows me to run the unreal editor and even set breakpoints. I just don't get any values in my issues tab.

    It is making writing code much more difficult.

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    @mornindew you didn't answer the second part of my question: are the compile errors red or black in the "compile output"?

    please post an example of an compile error.

    Explanation: red output in the compile output (stderr) is scanned for words like "error" or "warning" and matches are shown in "issues"

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