VirtualKeyboard on Android - module not installed

  • Hi,

    I want to use VirtualKeyboard in QML app, I also have Qt license so I have installed EnterpriseAddons VirtualKeyboard.
    The problem is that on my Linux 64Bit Qt 5.9.1 I can use VritualKeyboard, but when I switch to armv7 I got error:

    module "QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard" is not installed

    It's the same in the Examples and in my app, in Qt 5.8 and 5.9.1, works fine on Desktop Linux, error on Android.
    QtCreator underline import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.0 with red line when build target is armv7.
    I have in main.cpp and in .pro

    qputenv("QT_IM_MODULE", QByteArray("qtvirtualkeyboard"));
    static {
        QTPLUGIN += qtvirtualkeyboardplugin

    When I'm searching for this module in my filesystem it produces:

    /opt/qt$ find . -iname "virtualkeyb*"

    so it looks like VirtualKeyboard is only for gcc_64, but on webpages like this New Virtual Keyboard for Qt Enterprise it is deployed on Android. here are some problems from forum site qt virtual keyboard not loading with armeabi v-7a but with no solution.

    So the question is: Will it run on Android phone, and better still also on iOS?
    How to use Enterprise Vritual Keyboard, should I include project source into my app, and if so, will it also run on iOS ?

    Best Regards

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