Display QtWidget inside QML object

  • Hi,
    I have some widgets made in C++ that work fine. I would like to make a QML object that contains them.
    Is there a way to create one of those widget, to whatever I want with it in C++, pass it to a QML view and tell QML to display it as a normal C++ widget ?
    Some widgets could be described as quite complex (repainting, event filters, ...) and in a perfect world the solution would keep those functionalities.
    I haven't found any mention of this kind of stuff yet.


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    short answer: no

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    Probably of little help but the opposite is possible. You can show QML inside a QWidget with QQuickWidget

  • Ok thx guys, that was what I was worried about. I think I'll have to redo the design with a QML component though.


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