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QT creator weird behaviour

  • Suddenly the QT creator is behaving weirdly..

    1. On trying to open a .pro project its throwing an error.0_1504872783381_failed to open project.PNG

    2. On trying to create new project there is no default templates to create project. The wizard is simply blank.

    I am using QT 5.9.1 and qt creator 4.4.0 community edition.

    Why suddenly this issue? How can I solve this?
    Any help?

  • @gully

    Did you use also such a weird path for .pro before?

    Under "Options"->"Build&Run" you can set a more suitable directory.

  • Yeah it was working perfectly fine with the weird path ..I mean the path doesnt have any problem with it. I hope not.
    Also this is a completely fresh installation of QT only (a couple of hours ago)

  • @gully

    There is an old bug report with the same message.

    Sorry, otherwise I am of no help here.

  • @koahnig
    Thanks for the information. I enabled the 'QmlJSTools' plugin only. But it didnt work. Totally frustated,I took a try and then enabled all the plugins. Atleast I am now able to open the .pro file,its life back to normal. But I still donot know what caused this error. Also now if I want to reset the plugin I cannot. I donot know which plugin if stopped would cause any other sort of error

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