no matching function for call to 'ParentClass::ParentClass' error in derived class constructor

  • Hey,
    First: I am pretty sure, this is just a tiny mistake, but I am unfortunately stuck right now...
    When I compile my program, I get the error from the title in the cpp constructor of a class ("FunctionNode") that derives from another class ("Node").
    The parent class is ok, everything works, I just get the error in the derived class.
    Here the class header:

    #ifndef FUNCTIONNODE_H
    #define FUNCTIONNODE_H
    #include "node.h"
    class FunctionNode : public Node
    #endif // FUNCTIONNODE_H

    and the source file:

    #include "functionNode.h"
    FunctionNode::FunctionNode(){} // error here


    error: no matching function for call to 'Node::Node()'

    What did I miss?
    Thanks for answers

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    You did not initialize the parent class, so compiler tries to automatically initialize it using default constructor Node(), but it is missing.

    You should initialize the parent class manually:

    FunctionNode::FunctionNode() : Node(some, arguments) {}

    Or add a default constructor to Node class.

  • @sierdzio Ahh, yes, thanks, I wondered, that it worked with some QObject classes this way, but I forgot to add all default values for arguments in the Node constructor, that I may can not give at this point but later in the program (or calling them with default values here).

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    Happy coding!

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