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Converting code to new Qt5 syntax of connect

  • Hi,

    here is a piece of my code:

    QGuiApplication app(argc, argv);
    QQmlApplicationEngine engine;
    QmltoCpp *qmltocpp = new QmltoCpp(); // my C++/QML interface
    QObject *rootObject = engine.rootObjects().first();
    QObject::connect(qmltocpp, SIGNAL(showMessage(QVariant)), rootObject, SLOT(showMessage(QVariant)));
    return app.exec();

    I would like to update this to the new Signal/Slot syntax. But I have no idea how.

    This doesn't work:

    QObject::connect(qmltocpp, &QmltoCpp::showMessage, rootObject, &QObject::showMessage);

    Do I need to subclass a QObject and create new class for my rootObject? Would it help at all?

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    @vlada said in Converting code to new Qt5 syntax of connect:

    QObject::connect(qmltocpp, &QmltoCpp::showMessage, rootObject, &QObject::showMessage);

    it doesn't work because the QObject class doesn't have a method with the signature showMessage(QVariant)
    You could cast the QObject to your class if you are sure that its of a certain type, if not it will crash.

    So the code might look like this:

    MyType* rootObject = qobject_cast<MyType*>(engine.rootObjects().first());
    QObject::connect(qmltocpp, &QmltoCpp::showMessage, rootObject, &MyType::showMessage);

    alternatively (but with actually no benefit to the "old" syntax):

    MyType* rootObject = qobject_cast<MyType*>(engine.rootObjects().first());
    QObject::connect(qmltocpp, &QmltoCpp::showMessage, [rootObject](const QVariant & v) {
         QMetaObject::invokeMethod( rootObject, "showMessage", Qt::DirectConnection, Q_ARG(QVariant,v) );

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