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how to predefine items in vector of qcombobox

  • i have created a vector of combobox like this:

    QVector<QComboBox *> dbox1;

    now i want that when ever i add a new comboxox in this vector:

    dbox1.push_back(new QComboBox);

    i want that that particular combobox shall some items pre-entered

    dbox1[row_cnt]->addItem(QString("defect 1"));
    dbox1[row_cnt]->addItem(QString("defect 2"));
    dbox1[row_cnt]->addItem(QString("defect 3"));
    dbox1[row_cnt]->addItem(QString("defect 4"));
    dbox1[row_cnt]->addItem(QString("defect 5"));

    how to do so

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    Just create a function and use that instead of new directly

    QComboBox * MakeDefaultCB(QObject *Parent) {
    QComboBox * cur= new QComboBox (Parent);
    cur->addItem(QString("defect 1"));
    cur->addItem(QString("defect 2"));
    return cur;