How to encrypt and decrypt text content on QT?

  • Hi All,

    I am looking forward a solution on QT to encrypt and decrypt text content which is stored in a text file.

    Our text content was encrypted with a private key. Any body know any library for this? I saw that we have crypto++ at this link

    But i could not link crypto++ to our project. Could you please help me on this?

    Thank you very much!

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    @William.Tran said in How to encrypt and decrypt text content on QT?:

    Our text content was encrypted with a private key.

    But then you should use the same API/tool/software to decrypt it again?

  • @mrjj

    I would like our application can read that content only. that's why we encrypted content and stored it to file.

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    But how did u encrypt it in first place?
    What software did use the private key ?

    So are u sure crypto++ can decrypt it ?

  • @mrjj

    Our server has encrypted the file with a private key. On our application download this content and stored to file.

    I could use javascript to decrypt it as below:

        var key = CryptoJS.SHA256(__CRYPTO_AES_PRIVATE_KEY);
        var iv = CryptoJS.enc.Hex.parse(bin2hex(key.toString().substring(0, 16)))
        var decrypted = CryptoJS.AES.decrypt(encrypted, key, { iv: iv });
        return decrypted.toString(CryptoJS.enc.Utf8);

    I am not sure crypto++ can do that or not but i tried to build my app with that library however it is not successful.

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    From that code alone I think you can use OpenSSL library to decrypt your data on Qt side.

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    both libcrypto (part of OpenSSL) and cryptoc++ can handle AES encryption. Given you are talking about "server" I suppose you are using OpenSSL already so libcrypto is probably the easier way to go. You can see an example of how to do it here: (yes, it's in C as libcrypto is in C)

  • @VRonin, @sierdzio

    Thank your for you answer. I am using QT 5.9 on MAC, could you tell me how to import openssl to project and how to integrate with your libs?

    Many thanks.

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  • @VRonin

    I followed your links add this to .pro file but it does not help.

    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/lib/
    LIBS += -L/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/lib/ -lcrypto

    I could not use : #include <openssl/evp.h>

  • I could link openssl lib to my project by :

    INCLUDEPATH += /usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/include
    LIBS += -L/usr/local/Cellar/openssl/1.0.2k/lib -lcrypto

  • @VRonin

    in this lib :

    I saw he used: EVP_aes_128_cbc and i got the error when my private key has length is 64. What EVP i should use?

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    AES standards only supports 128, 192, and 256-bit key sizes. Are you maybe adding some padding to the key?


    In fact, in your javascript code, you use CryptoJS.SHA256 so you are creating a 256 bit hash of your key. you can use QCryptographicHash to create such a thing

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    @VRonin said in How to encrypt and decrypt text content on QT?:

    256 bit hash of your key. you can use QCryptographicHash to create such a thing

    Careful with that, though: Qt had a bug in SHA calculation. See this

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    @sierdzio I was not aware of that, but that bug relates to SHA3 while OP apparently is using Sha2.

    Alternatively you can still use libcrypto for calculating the hash too, see

  • @VRonin @sierdzio

    I tried to used key and iv key which is generated from my private key by javascript. but i still got the issue as i mentioned:

    The key length required 16. But my key has length 64. I think it belongs to "EVP_aes_128_cbc" isn't it?

    My code as below:

      const char *key, *iv;
      int key_length, iv_length, data_length;
      key = QByteArray::fromHex(strKey.toLatin1());
      key_length = strlen(key);
      iv = strIV.toLatin1().data();
      iv_length = strlen(iv);
      data_length = strlen(data);
      const EVP_CIPHER *cipher;
      int cipher_key_length, cipher_iv_length;
      cipher = EVP_aes_128_cbc();
      cipher_key_length = EVP_CIPHER_key_length(cipher);
      cipher_iv_length = EVP_CIPHER_iv_length(cipher);
      if (key_length != cipher_key_length) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Error: key length must be %d\n", cipher_key_length);
        fprintf(stderr, "current key length: %d\n", key_length);
      if (iv_length != cipher_iv_length) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Error: iv length must be %d\n", cipher_iv_length);
      const char *p;
      char *datax;
      int i, datax_length;
      datax = (char *)malloc(data_length);
      for (p = data, i = 0; *p != '\0'; p += 2, i++) {
        char buf[3];
        buf[0] = *p;
        buf[1] = *(p+1);
        buf[2] = '\0';
        datax[i] = strtol(buf, NULL, 16);
      datax_length = i;
      EVP_CIPHER_CTX ctx;
      EVP_DecryptInit_ex(&ctx, cipher, NULL, (unsigned char *)key, (unsigned char *)iv);
      int plain_length, final_length;
      unsigned char *plaintext;
      plain_length = datax_length;
      plaintext = (unsigned char *)malloc(plain_length + 1);
      EVP_DecryptUpdate(&ctx, plaintext, &plain_length, (unsigned char *)datax, datax_length);
      EVP_DecryptFinal_ex(&ctx, plaintext + plain_length, &final_length);
      plaintext[plain_length + final_length] = '\0';
      printf("%s\n", plaintext);

    The log informations:

    Error: key length must be 16
    current key length: 17

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    @William.Tran That's what we were discussing in the 3 posts above. In you javascript you don't use your key directly but you use a 256bit SHA2 hash of the key as input to the decrypter. To create that hash you can use key = QCryptographicHash::hash(strKey.toUtf8(),QCryptographicHash::Sha256);


    const char *key
    key = QByteArray::fromHex(strKey.toLatin1());

    Are you sure it compiles?

  • @VRonin said in How to encrypt and decrypt text content on QT?:

    key = QCryptographicHash::hash(strKey.toUtf8(),QCryptographicHash::Sha256);

    I already generated key by that code. But did not help at all.

    I tried to use
    key = QByteArray::fromHex(strKey.toLatin1());

    Because the "strKey" is Hash Key which was generated by javascript.

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