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Converting QDialog objects to void/Threading with Qt

  • I first tried the usual threading solutions using std::thread and CreateThread, but I ran into the same issue twice with them. I can not cast in any form I've tried my QDialog class to void or LPTHREADSTARTROUTINE to be used.

    What I am trying to do:

    void mydialog::function()
    void mydialog::on_go_clicked()

    When I try to just call function() the Sleep() freezes my UI (As Expected), but my usual way around this is to run it in a new thread so the UI doesn't freeze, but I can't figure out how to do this with Qt.
    I tried QThreads, but the multiple things I tried did not work and seemed a bit confusing and not able to simply run a function in a separate thread.

  • If you want a function to be run in a seperate thread you should use QtConcurrent:

    QtConcurrent::run(this, &mydialog::function, optional_arg);

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