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Having form A access form B

  • In my Qt project I have two UIs (QMainWindow, QDialog) Form A and Form B. How can I make it so that when 'gobutton' on Form B is pressed Form A changes the current index of a tab menu to 1? I have looked at a few things, but they all seem outdated or just didn't work.

    TL;DR What's the easiest way to make a button press in one file trigger an event in another?

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    fastest way is a signal & slot.

  • @mrjj I tried using slots or signals, but I got mixed up in connecting a signal from one file to a slot in another. The example in the documentation ("A Small Example") does not showcase or go over how it's done when attempting to do cross-file/cross-ui. Is there a better tutorial covering this?

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    try this
    If still unclear let me know and ill try to explain.

    // How it works:
    // We make new signal for dialog to send
    class MyDialog : public QDialog {
      void ChangeTab(int index); <<< new signal. 
    // and for GO button we do
    void MyDialog::on_Go_clicked() {
      emit ChangeTab( 1 ); // tell the world
    // then in main we do
    void MainWindow::on_ShowDialog_pressed() {
      MyDialog dialog;
    // connect directly from dialogs new signal to the slot for index for the tabwidget
      connect(&dialog, SIGNAL(ChangeTab(int)), ui->tabWidget, SLOT(setCurrentIndex(int)));
      dialog.exec(); // show it

  • @mrjj Thanks :D That example worked perfectly. I assume it is the same if I want to append to a TextBox correct?

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    i assume it is the same if I want to append to a TextBox correct?

    Well almost, but signal and slot have parameters so make sure to match it up.

    void QTextEdit::append(const QString &text)

    to send a signal to that slot, it must be a string we sent.
    Say our signal from before
    void ChangeTab(int index);
    is no good as that is an int.
    however if we made new signal
    void ChangeStatusText(const QString &text);
    that would match the widgets slot.

    But yes very the same.

  • @mrjj Sorry to re-open this thread, but I've one last question whcih my search terms haven't seemed to answer. Is there a way I can emit a signal from something that is not a UI?
    I have a file called functions.cpp/.h which dialog.cpp calls out to after the go button is pressed, but I want to ->append() things to a textBrowser.

  • Hi, yes that is possible. Make sure your class inherit QObject and contains the Q_OBJECT macro. That way your class will get registered to Qt's metasystem which allows you to send signals.

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