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What's the differences between Qt and .Net ?

  • Hi everybody
    I'm new in Qt.I start to learn Qt lately.I want to know what are the differences between Qt and .Net ?which one is better and is used for programming more? I know answer of this question is different from one person to another.But if you've used both of them ,I'm glad to hear your idea.
    Thank you.

  • Are you coming from a .Net background or have experience in .Net?

    You might be interested in going through this link

    Also note that Qt is a Framework.

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    First of all, .NET is not a programming language, it can use numerous (VB, C++, C#), which are then compiled into Common Language Runtime. It is in turn compiled on run-time to specific machine code. In theory, this gives developers much flexibility & code portability. In practice, only C# is properly supported, and on other platforms can barely be made to work (Mono problems on Linux, lack of support for many platforms, on which Qt runs).

    But nonetheless, if you wand to code just for Windows, .NET seems fine, as it's a very big, fully-featured framework (+ huge network side, web service support etc.). Initial performance issues are not that bad now. Big disadvantage is definitely the price for the package, and (IMO) MS way of running things in general.

    Qt on the other hand is C++ based, which means you have to recompile for every platform, but the resulting code is machine code. It's also (IMO) easier in use, free, open sourced, runs flawlessly on Linux (and other platforms, too. I mention tux, cause I live and breathe Linux :) ), and has great documentation. Classes are (again, IMO) better designed, and coding produces more happiness, at least for me.

    You've asked about popularity, .NET is definitely more popular.

  • thank you for your answers. :)

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