[Solved] Flickering rectangle during resizing

  • Hello, I'm pretty new to Qt Quick, so hopefully this will be obvious to someone here. I'm trying to have one big rectangle anchored to the top-left of the main view, and to a second, smaller rectangle (named "cross") on the opposite (bottom right) corner. The smaller rectangle can be dragged with the mouse. It does work, sort of, with 2 problems:

    • The resizing is very flickering and it shows a ghost copy of the same rectangle
    • The resizing happens at about half the speed with which I move the mouse

    Here's my code, simplified:
    @import QtQuick 1.0

    Rectangle {
    width: 360
    height: 360

    Rectangle {
        id : cross
        x: 274
        y: 265
        width: 44 ; height: 44 ; z: 1
        color: "blue"
        MouseArea {
            anchors.fill: parent
            onPositionChanged: {
                console.log("\ncross: " + cross.x + ", " + cross.y)
                console.log("mouse: " + mouseX + ", " + mouseY)
                cross.x = mouseX
                cross.y = mouseY
    Rectangle {
        id: q1
        color: "grey"
        anchors.left: parent.left
        anchors.right: cross.horizontalCenter
        anchors.top: parent.top
        anchors.bottom: cross.verticalCenter
        Text { text: "centered text" ; anchors.centerIn: parent }


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    On lines 18 and 19 use:

    cross.x += mouseX
    cross.y += mouseY

  • Thanks mlong! Of course the mouse coordinates are relative to the MouseArea, no the whole screen... This is interesting. I'm guessing the flickering was caused by the mouseX property taking the values of Rectangle "cross" and its parent, alternatively. Is that correct?

    Also, I'm making the Rectangle's center follow the mouse with this:
    @ cross.x += mouseX - cross.width/2
    cross.y += mouseY - cross.height/2

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    Great! Glad it's working.

    Please be sure and edit your the thread's title and add [Solved] at the beginning.

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