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Which Qt Quick version should I use?

  • Hello everybody!

    I am loving the feel of Qt Quick, but I am unsure which version I should use.
    Should I use Qt Quick or Qt Quick Controls 2 when building apps?

    I would like to be able to build cross platform apps for win10, macOS, iOS and android.

    Do any of the Qt Quick version support OS native dialog pop ups?

    Do any of the Qt Quick versions support custom skinned pop-up menus that appear outside of the boundaries of the main window?

    Do any of the versions allow OS native context-menus, or right click menus to be used?

    I had a look at the following site: , but it doesn't compare to Qt Quick. Only two different versions of controls.

  • @bozz There's no "Qt Quick" per se which you could use alone; you must use Controls version 1 or 2, and they are compared in the table of differences. It's possible to use both versions in the same app, mixing different kinds of controls. To see Controls 1 and 2 in action you should open some Examples from the Welcome screen. Controls 2 gives a modern mobile app look&feel but it's not "native" - it's identical on every platform. Controls 1 tries to have native look&feel.

    There are many possibilities for dialogs. In the Qt Creator's Help view use the Index, type Dialog and open the corresponding index item. You will see three possibilities: Labs Platform, Controls 2 and plain Dialogs. Visit and compare them.

    If your questions aren't answered with these docs and examples you can ask again here.

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