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Qbs compile for Android

  • Hello,

    I tried to compile an Android project with Qbs. I just created a QtQuick Controls 2 project in QtCreator, changed CppApplication to DynamicLibrary and added

    architectures: ["armv7a"]
    AndroidApk {
        name: "AndroidTest"
        manifestFile: ""
        Depends {
            productTypes: [

    Then I created a android profile with qbs-setup-android, named Android and added the Android.ndk.abi value (because qbs told me to).
    When running qbs build profile:Android I get the error type_traits: No such file or directory.
    What am I missing?

    My Setup:
    Manjaro Linux
    Qt 5.9.1 (armv7a) [from yaourt]
    Qbs 1.8.1
    Android Ndk 10e (using GCC 4.9) [from yaourt]

    PS: Qt and the Ndk is installed properly. With qmake I can compile the project.

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