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QLocation using offline maps.

  • Hi! Could anyone on this forum tell me step by step instructions how to run OsmOffline without using internet connection. How can I avoid such difficulty. It doesen't connect with local maps without using internet.

  • @George-Arnaut said in QLocation using offline maps.:

    how to run OsmOffline

    By that did you mean the Qt Location Open Street Map Plugin? If so, it looks like you may need to play with property ''

    Absolute path to a directory containing map tiles used as an offline storage. 
    If specified, it will work together with the network disk cache, but tiles won't get automatically inserted, removed or updated.
    The format of the tiles is the same used by the network disk cache.
    There is no default value, and if this property is not set, no directory will be indexed and only the network disk cache will be used to reduce network usage or to act as an offline storage for the currently cached tiles.

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