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How to manually set Visual C++ compiler in Qt Creator?

  • Re: How to manually set Visual C++ compiler in Qt Creator?

    I must be doing something wrong, but I have spend all day trying to get QT to work. I have re-installed it at least 5 times, yet it fails to find my Visual Studio 2015 installation/compiler.
    I've looked at suggested page:, but it does not provide any help regarding VS 20xx compiler.
    Google search mostly shows result for using VS instead of QT - that's not what I want.

    This is my setup/sequence:
    Installed Visual Studio 2015 Professional,
    Installed QT 5.6.2 MSVC2015 64bit
    (Tried 5.9.1 msvc2015_32 and _64 - same situation).

    In Build & Run:
    QT Versions: Auto-detected: Qt 5.6.2 MSVC2015 64bit. With Red exclamation mark.
    Compilers: Auto-detect - none.
    CMake: Autodetect - none.

    MY questions:

    • How to install so it all works as correctly.
    • How to tell QT Creator that there is a VS2015 already installed.
    • What file do I need to link as compiler? What is usual location for that file?

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    Well, as silly as it sounds, the first thing to check is if you actually installed the C++ compiler.
    If I remember correctly the VS2015 installer does not have that checkbox selected by default (it only has C#/.Net stuff selected), so check if you can actually create and compile a C++ project in VS. If not, run the VS installer again and make sure to select the C++ components.

  • I will reply to my own question.
    I do apologize to everyone for being thick/new here.
    The problem was with corrupted Visual Studio installation. After re-install, all was corrected, without reinstall of QT Creator.( Hats down to you guys).

    My next task to setup Android compiler. Back to Google.

    Thank you, to everyone, who looked into this.

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