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Get QModelIndex from TreeView rowDelegate

  • Hi,
    I have a cutom rowDelegate for a treeview and I need to access it's QModelIndex. So I can implement custom expand and collapse methods. The problem is, only styleData.row seams to be provided and I dont know how to convert it into a QModelIndex.

    I found an old topic about this, but it's sadly unresolved: Get QModelIndex from Treeview rowDelegate
    styleData.row is relative to the root item, so unless you know the number of previous displayed sub items you can't calculate the index:

    + Item A // styleData.row 0
    - Item B // styleData.row 1
        * Sub Item A // styleData.row 2 (Expected 0)
        * Sub Item B // styleData.row 3 (Expected 1)
    + Item C // styleData.row 4 (Expected 2)


  • @ProgSys I haven't used Controls 1 but the TreeViewStyle documentation tells that branchDelegate has access to

    styleData.index - the QModelIndex of the current item in the model

    Does it help?

  • branchDelegate indeed has 'styleData.index', but I can't get it to cover the entire row and if I use QSortFilterProxyModel to sort and filter my model the value is wrong.

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