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How to dynamicly change rows height in QTableView in QML

  • Hi, I have a table of 4 columns, in one of which is text. When you change the width of the column, the width of the internal text also changes. In some cases, the width of the text becomes rather small and the text begins to increase its height (text wrap). How can I increase the height of the row in which this text is located?

    This is a column with text

    TableViewColumn {
                    id: fullNameColumn
                    property int minColWidth: 175
                    property int maxColWidth: 500
                    role: "fullName"
                    title: "ФИО"
                    width: 360
                    property string imageSource : ""
                    onWidthChanged: {
                       if (width < minColWidth)
                           width = minColWidth
                    delegate: Rectangle{
                        id: rowCellContentFullName
                        color: "transparent"
                        Text {
                            property int maxColWidth: 400
                            id: labelFullName
                            objectName: "labelFullName"
                            font.pixelSize: 13
                            wrapMode: Text.Wrap
                            anchors.leftMargin: 38
                            anchors.left: parent.left
                            horizontalAlignment: styleData.textAlignment
                            anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
                            visible: parent.visible
                            width: parent.width - this.anchors.leftMargin * 2
                            text: styleData.value !== undefined ? styleData.value : ""
                            color: "#474747"
                            renderType: Text.NativeRendering     

    This is the rowDelegate

                property Component rowDelegate: Rectangle {
                        id: rowDel
                        objectName: "RowDelegate"
                        height: parent.parent.children[1].children[2].children[0].children[0].height < 50 ? 50 : parent.parent.children[1].children[2].children[0].children[0].height
                        property color selectedColor: styleData.hasActiveFocus ? primaryColor : secondaryColor
                        property bool selectionMaskVisible
                        property bool selected: false

    In rowDelegate Im binding height with terrible expression, but it works. Works only for column 3 (where FullName). If i drag this column in another space my code doesnt work.

    Can i change rows height in QTableView QML without this terrible expressions? Mb You know some way to solve this problem?