Reading Value from a QTablewidget

  • I have a Qtable widget where I want to extract the value in one of the cells, and then make a series of calculations. I will then enter the result of that calculation in another cell.

    I cannot seem to find any way to extract a value from the table.

    I use thefollowing:

    QTableWidgetItem *madeItem = ui->tableWidget->item(0,4);

    The program then stops at this point in qtablewidget.h.

    inline QString text() const
        { return data(Qt::DisplayRole).toString(); }
    inline void setText(const QString &text);

    What am I missing?

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    @bliss said in Reading Value from a QTablewidget:

    Hi and welcome


    and its not NULL ?

    And everything is setup correctly ? with row,col count ?

    If you reference invalid cell ( empty as no item assigned) that would result in something like that.

  • ui->tableWidget->model()->index(0,4).data(); this returns a QVariant

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