Qt in Windows XP Service Pack 1

  • Hello everyone:
    Due to some reason, i have to develop an widgets application by Qt in Windows XP Service Pack 1 platform. My Qt 5.5 dosen't work, so i would like to know what version of Qt should i use to create an widgets application that would work on XP SP1?
    I can create an Qt console application that works in XP SP1 through, but error occurs telling me that the processor is not compatitable, and Qt needs SSE2 feature.Does it means that no matter version of Qt i choose, it cannot run in my platform ?
    Thank you all!

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    Without quite some extra work (tweaking qmakespecs and Qt source code) you won't get Qt5 running on Win XP - if it's possible at all.
    In your case you should use Qt4.
    Or do you have any dependencies on Qt5?

  • I can run my application on XP SP3 version, but not SP1

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