Running on Win 10 without IDE

  • I built a QT application for Windows 10 (x64) using QT 5.8 in Visual Studio 2015 (using the VS plugins). The intention is to have a release that I can drop on any Windows 10 machine and just run it.

    I can run the standalone application fine on the actual computer that built it, but after ironing-out all the missing DLLs and missing runtimes to be installed on Windows, I still get the following error:
    failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows" in “”

    My program directory contains (I had to install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime for Visual Studio 2015):

    • programName.exe
    • programName.exp
    • programName.ilk
    • programName.lib
    • programName.pdb
    • moc_predefs.h
    • Qt5Chartsd.dll
    • Qt5Cored.dll
    • Qt5Cored.lib
    • Qt5DataVisualizationd.dll
    • Qt5Guid.dll
    • Qt5Widgetsd.dll
    • Qt5Widgetsd.lib
    • msvcp140d.dll
    • msvcp100.dll
    • msvcr100.dll
    • NLib.dll //3rd party library
    • NMTLib.dll //3rd party library
    • ucrtbased.dll
    • vcruntime140d.dll
    • vcomp100.dll

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

  • Thanks @Wieland!
    That link was unfortunately not enough .... I did all that and the same thing was happening.

    However, that thread did contain another link to QT documentation I didn't know about and that one did solve the problem:
    .... I used the "quick and dirty" version: not so great in terms of engineering, but it did solve the problem: what remains is refining out what is not necessary.


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