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QWebview disabled

  • when i call setEnabled(false) on a QWebview, a mouse hover still changes the cursor to an reading-glass. is that an intended behavior? how can i avoid it?

    thanks in advance


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    Have you tried disabling mouse tracking? (QWidget::setMouseTracking()).
    Or, you can reimplement the QMouseMoveEvent() and tell the cursor not to change, although that might be an overkill, as I might be missing something important here.

    I do not know if that's intentional. I didn't work with QWebView much, to be honest. And if I remember well, there are going to be some big changes to webView in Qt5.

  • thanks, ill try the mouse tracking thing. i don't want to subclass web view for that little thing, and qt5 doesn't help me yet :)

  • ok, i tried it. got really strange behavior now. when i enter the image the first time i geht the reading-glass cursor. when i enter it the second time it stays the default cursor

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    I'm a tad busy today, and no immediate answer comes to my mind, apart from a cruel workaround: try firing mouse move event yourself (in the code), just after you setEnabled(false) and setMouseTracking(false). It may work as a dummy event that would serve as this "first time" primer.

    If that doesn't solve it, I won't be able to help you until tomorrow, sorry.

  • i was thinking about installing an event filter on the view. but thats not better either :)

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