QGraphicsView::mouseReleaseEvent ensures that I can't select QGraphicsItems anymore

  • Hey,
    In a nutshell: When I implement the mouseReleaseEvent in my QGraphicsView derived class, this happens:
    When I click on an item (QGraphicsItem that I added to the scene), the mousePressEvent of this item gets triggered. But when I click on another item, the old item (this first item I clicked on) is triggered again and not the new one.
    When I delete the mouseReleaseEvent function in the QGraphicsView derived class (so I do not override it anymore), everything works.
    Why is this and how can I fix this?

    Thanks for answers!

    Never forget to call

    QGraphicsView::mousePressEvent(event); /
    QGraphicsView::mouseReleaseEvent(event); /

    at the end of every mouseEvent you overrode in your QGraphicsView derived class (in the mouseMoveEvent use QGraphicsView::mouseMoveEvent(event) and so on).
    Otherwise really strange things can happen.
    Also if you even did not use some of these in your QGraphicsItem derived class, call it in every event.

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