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[SOLVED] how to make my dialog modeless?

  • here is a quote from the "dialog doc":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.7/qdialog.html
    [quote]A modeless dialog is a dialog that operates independently of other windows in the same application. Find and replace dialogs in word-processors are often modeless to allow the user to interact with both the application's main window and with the dialog.[/quote]

    When the dialog is shown on the mainwindow, i would like to interact with the mainwindow but for some reason i can't. In the qt designer, i set the dialog method WindowModality to NonModel and then displayed the dialog with show();.

    when I load the program and click the button on the main window, the dialog is shown. from there i click on the mainwindow button again and here a beep. the main window seems to be disabled. yet in the doc above, it is saying that i can interact between the main window and dialog. how can i interact between them?

  • solved. i needed setModal(false);

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