Reopen import project

  • Hi
    i import a makefile project, save and exit. but how to reopen? no *.pro file

  • We need a bit more information. Where do you import it? In QtCreator?
    By the way, Thats a tools question, so I move it to the correct forum.

  • yea in qtcreator...any other possibility to import a big makefile project?

  • I doubt that there's a convenient method for that. I'd prepare a nice qmake .pro file (probably with a call to "qmake -project" to make a skeleton that will be customized).

  • weird...there's no possibilty alike Eclipse to make new project and import all files with a click?

  • Qt Creator has no means to parse a Makefile.

    To import all header and source files call

    qmake -project

    on the command line within the source directory of your project. This will create a .pro file that you can use as a starting point. It will contain all .h and all .cpp files in HEADERS and SOURCES, but you will most likely have to adjust it, though.

  • Note that Qt Creator not only accepts .pro files for its projects (even though that is the preferred format!), but also CMakeLists.txt and PROJECTNAME.creator files.

    The latter is created when importing an existing project.

  • aahh Thanks

  • Now I get "no rule to make all"

    something changed via git as it worked before...

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