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[SOLVED] New to programming, some questions about Qt

  • I'm new to programming and interested in Qt because of it being cross-platform and not an interpreted language.
    Now I'm a newb so bear with me but how native can I make my Qt applications look and feel?
    On Linux, if someone is using gnome or gtk, will my application integrate no matter what GTK theme is running?
    Will Windows and OSX versions look native too?
    Not saying that I am expecting a program to look native on other platforms without putting in a little bit of tweaking and effort.
    Using Linux with gnome 2.x to develop from.

  • Qt used to emulate the native look of its intended platforms. Application will look native no matter what theme is running. You can compile some demos and see how they looks.

  • The Qt developers strive to make the applications look native on each platform on which they run. On Linux/KDE Qt is the native platform of course.

    On Windows and Mac the corresponding styles make system calls to draw the various parts of the controls so they effectively are native.

    Easiest way is to download the SDK and try some examples and demos and making your own simple applications. Come back with any specific questions you have.

    Good luck and happy hacking!

  • Thanks everyone for your help!

  • You are welcome :-D

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