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  • What version of qt library is REALLY stable at this moment? I have found an unpleasant failure in version 5.9. QtQuick Loader component does not free up memory when Qt Quick Compiler is used. Can I consider version 5.8 stable? How to determine when to upgrade to a new version?

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    The important aspect is to choose a Long Time Support version as it means that bugs will
    be fixed and even back ported.

    You could consider 5.6 stable but it also have bugs of course.

    5.9 is also LTS so best action would be to report leak and hope for speedy fix. :)

  • Qt 5.9.1 is as good as it gets. You should report your bugs to

  • I decided to use version 5.8. Bug with Loader is too serious to consider version 5.9 stable. With version 5.8 Loader works fine.

  • @Sinbad Please report it anyway. being a regression it will probably be treated with high importance and fixed.

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