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[SOLVED]minus an integer when time is running

  • i want to implement on my application, when time is running the integer previewed in my QML is decreasing, for example for every 5 mins the number that is previewed is decreased by 5,
    How can i do this?

    And another question, the previewed number is stored in a js file offline storage, can i decreased the numbers saved in the storage?

  • Every 5 minutes, a Timer fires, you fetch the number in offline storage, decrement it, then resave it. Or something like that?

  • ahhh, can the timer minus function be executed automatically? or triggered? i nid this to be automatically,
    Is that possible?

  • Something like:

    Timer {
    id: decrementTimer
    interval: 5 * 60000 // 5 minutes
    repeat: true
    running: true

    onTriggered: {
    // do your decrement code here

  • Thanks ill try this code

  • Ok. Hope it works! If it does, be sure to mark the thread as Solved.

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