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Debugging code running in QJSEngine

  • I have some code that the user can input from a textEdit that is passed into the QJSEngine. How do i debug this code?

    I have seen comments on the changelog for qt that QJSEngine debugging is available through QtCreator and have seen some people saying 'just run your program through creator in debug mode', but even when i run through qtcreator debug mode, i just get the standard debugging, it doesnt know at all that i'm running QJSEngine code.

    It seems like noone on google actually knows how to debug QJSEngine. This is a major problem for those of us attempting to switch from the older QtScript to QJSEngine.

  • "debugging for QJSEngine. The intention is to have a design that allows developers to write scriptable applications where scripts run in other threads, not the Qt GUI thread, so they could be debugged using dedicated Qt APIs. But this, again, is a quite distant possibility, no concrete plans for that."
    Current roadmap of Qt

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