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Can't assign QScreen to QML Window

  • Doing some work with Qt now, but I'm stuck trying to figure out how to apply a screen to a QML Window element.

    I'm doing this in the QML file

    screen: app.getMonitor(this.screen);

    and this corresponding function in CPP:

    QScreen *getMonitor(QScreen* screen)
    	QList<QScreen*> screens = screen->virtualSiblings();
    	for(auto screen : screens) {
    		qDebug() << "hi";
    		qDebug() << screen->name();
    	return screens[1];

    (The foreach loop is just for debugging purposes).
    This doesn't work though. The program keeps saying:

    Error: Unknown method return type: QScreen*

    Have I misunderstood something. What else can I try?

  • #include <QScreen>

    Range base for loops with non-const Qt containes are not totally efficient, there is the chance you make them detach.

  • I have done that in the CPP file, but the problems seems to originate from the QML file.

  • I figured it out!

    I used a function that set the screen for the window with a void function!

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