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Does QPrintDialog open the system print dialog?

  • Re: Accessing system printer preferences dialog using c++ In this topic SGaist suggests the QPrintDialog class opens the OS official print dialog. I am using QPrintDialog on the Mint Cinnamon desktop, and the dialog that opens is not the same as the dialog opened by the installed applications (like GEdit). The QPrintDialog dialog has fewer controls, for example. I need the extra controls, and want the dialog the user is accustomed to.

  • You can build your own Dialog. Just create your own Class and inherit from QPrintDialog and add your own Controls you want.

  • Hi,
    documentation states that:
    The printer dialog (shown above in Plastique style) enables access to common printing properties. On X11 platforms that use the CUPS printing system, the settings for each available printer can be modified via the dialog's Properties push button.

    On Windows and macOS, the native print dialog is used, which means that some QWidget and QDialog properties set on the dialog won't be respected.

    Therefore you really ask about...?