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installation of QT creator 5.6.0 with gstreamer on Windows 10

  • Hi All,
    i installed QT creator 5.6.0(qt-opensource-windows-x86-msvc2015_64-5.6.0) on 64 bit windows machine.

    tested small program,its working fine.

    now i want to play a video using gstreamer.

    so i installed gstreamer (gstreamer-1.0-x86_64-1.12.1) and serached gstreamer-1.0 lib but could not found.
    again downloaded some other gstreamer for 64 bits but gstreamer-1.0 lib but could not found.

    downloaded gstreamer for 32 bit machine (gstreamer-1.0-devel-x86-1.12.1) and installed it on this 64 bit machine.
    serached gstreamer-1.0 lib, this lib is there in a path.

    why this library is not there when installing 64 bit gstreamer and is it ok to install 32 bit gstreamer on 64 bit QT creator?

    please suggest me.

    now i have written code for playing video using gstremer.

    in mainWindow.cpp

    #include "mainwindow.h"
    #include "ui_mainwindow.h"
    #include <gst.h>
    #include <glib.h>

    gst.h and glib.h is related to gstreamer.

    so i added gstreamer library in .profile as

    INCLUDEPATH += E:/gstreamer/1.0/x86/include

    LIBS += -LE:/gstreamer/1.0/x86/lib
    -LE:/gstreamer/1.0/x86/lib -gstreamer-1.0
    CONFIG += E:/gstreamer/1.0/x86/lib/pkgconfig

    while compiling i am getting error as
    can not open included file gst.h .

    please suggest me where i missed in .profile ?

    is it possible to integrate gstreamer with QT in window10 ?

    is there any pluggins require for QT creator for using gstreamer?

    if Yes then please suggest me how to install gstreamer pluggins for QT.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @shashi-prasad said in installation of QT creator 5.6.0 with gstreamer on Windows 10:


    This is not a devel package so .lib files are not likely to be included. I would suggest using gstreamer-1.0-devel-x86_64-1.12.1.msi instead.

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