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Maturity of the Harmattan Qt Components?

  • Is there some documentation on the maturity of the Harmattan Qt Components? Now they still seem very... rough.

    For example I am using a Label to show some text that can be long, so I expect the elide property to work. It doesn't seem to work - or I didn't figure out what needs to do to make it work. Also I could not figure out how to make a TextField the width of the screen when it is placed in a Sheet. I use QmlComponentsGallery currently as my reference and in their TextField demo page the TextField is the width of the screen, but this is not the case in their Sheet demo page.

  • Now I also noticed that I cannot use the InfoBanner component in my own application, although it's working in the QmlComponentsGalleryExtra application. The component seems to be included in, but if I include that in my .qml and run on the N950, I get an error saying 1.1 is not installed.

  • Granted, they are fairly new so there is room for improvement over time (as with any good components.)

    Do you have some example code of what you're trying to accomplish? Without that, it's hard to know whether you're doing something that could be done a different way, or if there is truly a shortcoming in the tools you're trying to use.

  • The code is not published at least yet, but I created some bugs which has some example code:

    But the use cases are really simple and straight forward... Nothing special in my opinion :)

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