Qt Creator always rebuilds all files in project

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    yesterday, i could make a change to one file in my large project, and hit build, and it would build that one file and link.

    Now, when i hit build, it rebuilds everything in the project. If i then do NOTHING but hit build again, it rebuilds everything in my project.

    i've tried:

    • ensuring my system clock is right
    • throwing out the .user file and regenerating it

    I do not know what else to do. Why does this happen?

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    Did you check the settings under Options->Build&RUn->General ?
    What is your OS and Creator version?

    Did you also reboot your PC?

  • okay figured it out.

    i had been getting files from others around the world. apparently the mod dates in zip files don't contain time zone information, so all the files had a future mod-date. i did a recursive touch to set all mod dates to NOW, and my problem goes away.

    thanks for thie hints!!

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