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[SOLVED]Game Level Creation and other questions

  • Hi everyone... My game is working fine.. but there are things that I want to add to enhance my game app

    My game app can now create dynamically falling objects with random questions within it and the falling objects can now be destroyed every time the user inputs a correct answer.

    and I would like to know how would I be able to do the following

    • *I would like to determine if the player already wins.. like.. for example after answering 10 falling objects with question correctly or like after achieving a certain score.. a pop up banner will state that the player already wins. Cause right now, only the gameOver banner works when the life points = 0..

    • I wonder how to create a new level for my game.. like a level with a new background and new types of falling object.. can someone teach me this? I managed to look for some documentation and found out that it can be done through XML.. can't it be done with javascript?

    • My game gets a little boring because the speed stays the same.. how can I be able to increase the speed of falling objects as time progresses or as level changes?*

    thanks for your suggestions

  • suggestion for first point:
    if your game on qml, I guess you keep current values of life and not answered questions in property of some Component. So, you can define on<PropertyName>Changed handlers for this counters. And check zero values in it. If zero value is happened you just show popup banner with information.

    suggestion for third point:
    I don;t know how you realized falling objects, but I guess two variants: you using timer; you using Animations.
    you can modified timer interval or Animation duration properties for increase falling speed.

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